Eletrônica: Bruno Militelli captures the beauty of electronic components

By Marin Prévôt, June 18, 2020

Eletrônica © Bruno Militelli

Boning our computer devices to reveal the creative potential of electronic components: this is the original idea of ​​the Brazilian photographer Bruno Militelli which gave rise to the “Eletrônica” series. Using macro photography, the artist reveals an abstract poetry, with intriguing patterns and vibrant colors.

Eletrônica © Bruno Militelli

Capture details

Between abstraction and figuration, Bruno Militelli likes to capture the very essence of the things that surround us, in every detail. The artist carefully explores each object photographed. Like a laboratory scientist, his macrophotography reveals details that cannot be easily seen — and which can easily be overlooked.

Eletrônica © Bruno Militelli

A technological reflection

At the origin of this series, named “Eletrônica”, the photographer raises the questions that one would ask about the functioning of technologies, essential to the running of our current societies. What do these electronic boards do? What are these thousands of small components and circuits for? “These complex systems have always aroused my curiosity. And, thanks to the macro perspective, we can get a close look at the essence of these mechanisms, by expanding this small universe in our eyes, “explains Bruno Militelli.

Eletrônica © Bruno Militelli

It is from this reflection that he begins this series. He photographs hundreds of connections and circuits that normally remain invisible, hidden inside plastic cases. This hidden “technology is present in all electronic equipment and is responsible for performing millions of important functions on a daily basis. The impact on modern life of these circuits is immense, but they are discreetly present,” added the photographer.

Eletrônica © Bruno Militelli

Dystopian digital dependence

This series highlights the aesthetic aspect of these electronic components. These abstract shapes, these figures and bright colors could almost make us think of cities seen from above, and these routes of colors on road axes.

This series is also a warning against our dependence on this technology. In addition, in an abstract way, it testifies to a progressive creation of a dystopia. “We have created a strong dependence on these little electronic brains, dispersed in everything we do today, the dependency we have for these devices is frightening,” says Bruno Militelli.

These photographs are a reflection of the technological developments from humans on the quest to transform electronic equipment into processors that resemble brain connections, which attempt to mimic the functioning of neurons,” he added.

Eletrônica © Bruno Militelli

The race for artificial intelligence raises many questions. Even if the components photographed by Bruno Militelli are far from being those that take control of our lives in Hollywood disaster scenarios, our dependence on technology is a subject that animates many debates. The real question behind this series seems to be more “what would we be able to do tomorrow if everything goes out?”

Eletrônica © Bruno Militelli

Find the whole “Eletrônica” series on Bruno Militelli’s website as well as his macro photography on his Instagram account.

Originally published at https://phototrend.fr on June 18, 2020.

Photographer specialized in abstract and macro images, Bruno Miltielli directs his work in creating images always in a unique and intriguing perspective.

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