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In the 14th edition of the International Garden Photographer of the Year, or IGPOTY Award for short, the jury received pictures from around the world. To see: gardens and their inhabitants. We have with the annual winner Bruno Militelli from Brazil and learn from him why macro photography is so fulfilling for him.

What does your winning photography show?

A totally unusual perspective on the morphology of the passion fruit tree. …

By Marin Prévôt, June 18, 2020

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Eletrônica © Bruno Militelli

Boning our computer devices to reveal the creative potential of electronic components: this is the original idea of ​​the Brazilian photographer Bruno Militelli which gave rise to the “Eletrônica” series. Using macro photography, the artist reveals an abstract poetry, with intriguing patterns and vibrant colors.

By Aurélie Vautrin, November 4, 2019

A drop of water resting on a bird’s feather, the colored layers of a piece of quartz, the aerial loops of a plant, the geometric structure of a plumage, a flower, a stone, a leaf or a soap bubble…Bruno Militelli zooms in on our world to unveil another.

In macro photography, the possibilities are endless… The whole universe becomes a playground, and nature a wonderful showcase of creativity. Especially because this way of showing the world has the power to completely transform our point of view on the things around us… So, if we offered you some time ago to discover how to do macro photography, today is the opportunity to paint a portrait of a young brazilian artist who has made this technique his great specialty: Bruno Militelli. …


Bruno Militelli

Photographer specialized in abstract and macro images, Bruno Miltielli directs his work in creating images always in a unique and intriguing perspective.

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